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New Tires Are on Order

Oh God are these beautiful or what

Oh God are these beautiful or what

Nobody keeps a good wagon-puller down. Four brand new-spankin’ tires, herein pictured, will arrive in a week or so, well past the window between desert winter-to-spring calm and desert burning heat. But no matter. There is so much cool stuff out here I just can’t wait to explore and share. If not now, as the weather breaks toward the nineties and hundreds again, so be it in Fall. The Chihuahuan desert is a gorgeous place to roam through.

Doesn’t it suck that I have to buy a whole new set of wheels to go/get/be somewhere? Yes. Let this be a lesson: I failed — sort of — but not entirely due to my own weaknesses. There’s weaknesses built into this society to make lots of things fail. Radio Flyer engineers their tires to be very difficult to repair the tube. It requires a dependence to buy again.

Coming soon: The Zen of Wagon Maintenance.

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